Brownies from the Hearth

    Can we talk brownies for a second? I mean….seriously. I love them. Not the cakey brownies but the dense, ooey gooey ones. The ones that….I make from scratch. Seriously, what kind of HearthKeeper doesn’t have skills in the kitchen? Okay…aside from my mother. She’ll tell you her culinary skills are limited to special … Continue reading Brownies from the Hearth


Practicing Authentic Witchcraft

The Witch & Walnut

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this topic but haven’t found the right words. I still haven’t found the right words, but I was prompted by a conversation I had last night with a friend about this topic.

Staying true and authentic to your craft can be a struggle at times for various reasons. There are so many ways to practice the craft and no two ways are alike. Doesn’t make them wrong, just different from one another.

Everything you have learned on your own through countless hours, months and years of research took discipline. It got you where you are and that means something to you. You followed through for a reason, or you wouldn’t have stuck with it.

Whether you have been taught the craft from an elder or self taught, sometimes you start to get pulled in other directions. These can bring about some uncomfortable…

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