Money Candle Spell (gift to a friend)

It's not unusual to be approached for money spells, but just the wishes in W. W. Jacob's short story "The Monkey's Paw", wishes (spells) have direct actions.  When crafting spells, always be conscious  that what you create will have action elsewhere (sometimes for bad....sometimes for good). I'm a huge fan of making my own … Continue reading Money Candle Spell (gift to a friend)

Celery Root Witchcraft for Mind Control

Always good information from Witch and Walnut!

The Witch & Walnut

celery root & witchcraft for mind control (1)Beautiful and often forgotten celery root has been used for a very long time in our craft, most commonly used for mind control.

This is my go-to for any work related to serious mind manipulation. The size, color, shape and appearance has common physical parallels to an actual brain. This is why we love to use it. Whether it is for love, to influence thoughts and dreams, sooth a racing and worried mind, confusion, commanding, controlling and exposure.

This is an excellent way of exposing liars, gossipers and traitors by placing a spear right into it and stake it out in your garden. Or you can stake it out in their garden if you are brave enough. This is symbolic as well, much like the medieval  times when heads where place on a stake along properties as a warning and sign that traitors will be exposed and punished.

aIts prepared…

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Rodentia in Absentia

As a small handful of you know, I’ve decided to resurrect a ancient blog if mine. It totally needs an overhaul because it was my “baby blog”, so I’m in the middle of that. However, I came across a post from way way back that had me laughing all over again.

I give you….Adventures in my household….

Adventures of an Untamed Domestic Goddess


There’s never a dull moment in my household. Really.

Just yesterday I spent some quality time with my husband. This never happens. Ever. His work schedule is so jam packed that he does work 60 hours a week…on a “light” week. So when we actually had a Sunday to spend together, I jumped on it.

We didn’t do much – took a drive on some of the lesser-known highways to see the countryside of TX – since we hadn’t had an opportunity to do that. We took the fluffy Tribble dog with us because he loves to travel. We wandered down towards Bastrop, TX and saw some beautiful ranch country.

On the way back, we decided to make a fire in the fire pit when we got him. Nothing thrilling, right? Grab some hot dogs, stuff to make S’mores…and firewood, since we hadn’t had the opportunity to put aside firewood…

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