Day 15 Of Mindfulness: Cooking

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We’ve spoken about mindfulness while eating a meal, but have you considered being present and mindful while preparing that meal?

Choose a meal to give your complete attention.  Be mindful as you create it. How do the utensils feel?  Can you describe the food in your hands as you prepare it for cooking? Smell the ingredients.  Listen to the sounds as you go through the steps of creating your food.

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Day 11 of Mindfulness: Get To Work!

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Going into work can really set your mood for the day, so why not make it a mindful experience?

While I’m definitely not advocating meditation while you’re driving down the road, you sure can do it if you travel by bus or train!  Take some time on your ride to breathe, prepare for your day ahead; set an intention; imagine yourself going through your day with confidence and purpose.

Driving into your job?  There’s nothing saying you can’t practice some breathing exercises while setting your intention for the day.

Have yourself a fabulous day!

Blessings from the Hearth.

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Day 10 of Mindfulness: Get Out Of The House!

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There is nothing more soothing to the soul than getting out in nature. However, if you can be mindful while you’re out in nature you mind and self-being will thank you.

Take a walk out in nature.  Be silent.  Be aware.  Be mindful.

Breathe deep.

Are you in the woods?  The Lake?  The shore?  What do you smell?  Rich earth?  Trees? Vegetation?  Hints of saltwater?  What sounds do you hear?  Wind in the trees?  Birds?  Rushing water?  Waves?

One of my favorite ways to reconnect with myself is to go by myself out into the woods or to the shore.  I have spent countless hours in locations across America over the years:  the Adirondacks in New York; the New England shore; the deserts of Arizona;  Coronado Island just outside San Diego, California; Mount Rainier in Washington State;  the Pacific Coast near LaPush, Washington.  In each of these locations I take…

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Day 9 of Mindfulness: Go To Bed!

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Did you know, that in America, over 40 million people are considered sleep-deprived?  That’s insane!  I have to admit, however, that I have a tendency to be one of those who doesn’t get enough sleep.  I will stay up to all hours reading or writing … or sometimes watching really bad movies.

A little over a year ago I decided to take more control of my life, and, in turn, get a little more sleep.  In order to feel more rested, I set myself into a schedule, and I have noticed a great change in how I feel.

Every night I settle in with a cup of herbal tea (right now Celestial Seasonings’ Sleepy Time Plus is my go-to) around 8, and then by 9 or 9:30 I’m off to do my evening meditations for the evening.  These precious 15-20 minutes make such a difference.  If you aren’t in a…

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Day 8 Of Mindfulness: Waking Up

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wake up

It’s a glorious day!

What do you mean you hate getting up?  Okay, I’ve been there, too, but I’ve learned how to make that early-morning wake up a little less painful

Here’s what a typical waking-up looks like in my life:

The alarm goes off (10 minutes earlier than I’d like;  I’m a light sleeper, so it’s a vibrating alarm on my phone) and I give myself a good stretch in bed.   I take several slow, deep inhales and release the breath slowly.  In turn, I wake up each part of my body:  toes, feet, legs, thighs, torso, fingers, hands arm, neck, face, entire head.  I set an intention for the day (ie, productive, calm, determined).  Then I take a few more slow, deep breaths, give my body a final stretch and greet the day (which also means a pile of very happy, excited crazy little white dogs).

Blessings from…

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