I am a family tradition matrilineal pagan.  Our HearthKeeper traditions have been passed down through the women in our family.  Though I’m sure our folk ways date back several generations, I am certain that my daughter is 5th generation.  Perhaps our lineage goes back further than my great-great-grandmother, but my great-grandmother (who passed at age 103) spoke only of her mother, and the traditions that had been passed down in the generations since then.

That,  however, is neither here….nor there.

I am not a ceremonial pagan.  Our rituals are in our daily lives, offerings and household magic.  Hestia is our household goddess, but I also honor the Goddess of the North Atlantic Ocean, as I grew up on the wild and rough coasts of New England.  I am drawn equally to both the mountains and the shore.

Unless I share knowledge on this blog, this familial tradition will end with me.  My daughter has found her path as a Buddhist, and I’m thrilled she has discovered a philosophy that follows her personality and world view.  However, I am also sad that no one will pick up the torch and carry it on.  I hope the things I post here will be of help to someone.

Blessings from the Hearth.



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  1. I will never be on facebook again. But I would like to inquire as to certain things. Like how does Hestia communicate most often? I am unfamiliar, but am in need of confirming a thing was from Herself or confirming that it was not. Thank you.

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  2. For me, Hestia has always communicated during meditations or during periods of lucid dreaming. She doesn’t come often, but, when She does, it is typically during time when She needs me to complete a task or engage in some way. To be honest, the last time She came to me, it was a challenge because She has asked to actively bring for Her tenants (home, hearth, family….and specifically hospitality). Sounds easy? Not when you have a tendency to towards bluntness and telling it like it is. Lessons to be learned on all sides….but I’ve greatly enjoyed this new closeness with Her.

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  3. Thank you. My experiences with this sort of Person are not how others experience of them, I’m noticing. I hope what follows does not offend or upset you. Its a report of what caused me to ask you the question I did.

    A great Lady came to me while I was in a sacred group and we were discussing birth and other things that hips oversee. I was worrying about the housekeeping and caring for my aging family members when I’ve not been taught to keep house or manage one at all. And have some disabilities to boot.

    The Lady advised me in an upbeat tone (almost like a neighborly chat over coffee) about how to learn these things. And also about buttonhole making by hand, which I hadn’t asked about. I’d never heard Her before so I thanked Her and asked Her name and she said, ‘Hestia.’

    I’ve not heard from Her since. It feels like I ought to get to know Her better, though. But I’m afraid to do anything about it and also don’t know how.

    Your thoughts would be helpful. But I’m sure if She wants to visit me again, She will, so don’t feel you are in any way obligated to discuss this or anything else with me.

    Honor and respect to you, from me. Toad


  4. Thank you for replying!

    My wiring is very strange, I’m told. I perceive deity-level Folk with some frequency; some of whom I know and some I do not.

    About two weeks ago, a very helpful Lady (not a generally visible to human eyes one) with a decidedly Greek girl sort of bearing, unexpectedly started talking to me. She gave me some excellent advice on learning how to manage a household when I had never been taught how and I suddenly need to do that very work for elderly family.

    I asked who she was, she said Hestia; but never having spoken to her before, I was completely confused. I am still confused, as your experience seems quite different from mine. But you also pointed out that this is normal – the variation, so perhaps it was Her Excellency who spoke to me.

    I’m so grateful you are deepening your Friendship with Her. I am also grateful you share your experience here with those of us who do not know Her. It is good to meet new People. And to learn what right relation means with them.

    Thank you.

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  5. I would trust that it was She who came to you. As with meeting any new person in real life, you are going to approach them in a manner that best suits the person with whom they speak (did that make a lick of sense?). I have had Hestia come to me in many ways since that first “big breakthrough”, and I am so very glad you have had the opportunity to meet Her as well.

    Blessings from the Hearth..

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  6. Deities are tricky. You never know when they’ll pop by or why, but it’s always for a reason. My advice: if you wish to further a relationship with Hestia, begin to honor Her in small simple ways. Give her a sacred space (doesn’t need to be large or elaborate). Present daily offering (incense, light a candle, bits of the first bites of a meal). If you are uncertain how to run a household….learn! And you don’t need to learn it all at once. Pick one subject a time and master it.



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