Prayers to Hestia

Bright-veiled Hestia, heart of the happy home, goddess who binds together a family, who strengthens a city, the household is your temple, the hearthfire your altar and your namesake. Hestia, I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings. Hestia, wise one who oversees the family feast, who guides the making and the … Continue reading Prayers to Hestia


Prayer to Hestia

I call to Hestia, gentle one, heart of the home, honored daughter of mighty Kronos and fair Rhea; as first and last born of those ancient Titans you take of all first and final offerings. Peace-loving goddess, tender of Olympos' flame, in tranquil pursuits you take pleasure. Hestia, in the arts of the home we … Continue reading Prayer to Hestia