Black Chokeberry Protection and Binding Beads

I am a huge fan of Old World and Folk Magick, and this blog post by Witch and Walnut fits the bill (plus it's one of my favorite blogs at the moment!).  Enjoy! Blessings from the Hearth. Binding beads can be used the same way as mala beads. Except instead of a repeated prayer or … Continue reading Black Chokeberry Protection and Binding Beads


Early Spring (Imbolc) Incense

Hooray for Early Spring!  And with Early Spring comes my incense blend that's a little more involved than the Longest Night Incense recipe I gave you the other month.  This incense (like many of mine) are meant to be burned on a coal disc, which is put on sand or salt in a fireproof container. … Continue reading Early Spring (Imbolc) Incense