Recipe — Wassail

  With the Festive Season ahead of us, both pagans, Christians, and other religious groups are busy celebrating a beautiful winter season.  My holyday of Longest Night (also Yule or Winter Solstice) is a wonderful way to celebrate.....and prepare a traditional English drink.  I love Wassail!  It's super easy to throw together, and you can choose … Continue reading Recipe — Wassail

Tuesday’s Reading Round Up

I'm still reading "The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs" and am presently in a chapter about navigating via the stars. Incredibly fascinating....and I am now certain I will always be able to find north via the Big Dipper. I've always been fascinated by by constellations, but I could never figure out the concepts of … Continue reading Tuesday’s Reading Round Up

Spelling Saturday — Household Peace

You'll notice that much of the Craftwork I do is centered around harmony, home and family (that's pretty much what HearthKeepers are known for).  It was actually one of the primary functions I was requested to do when people came to procure services from me:  Harmony, Health, Love, and Wealth. You've already been gifted my Love Honey … Continue reading Spelling Saturday — Household Peace

Some Things I’ve Learned About Hestia(Part 4: Gems and Stones)

I like rocks.  But maybe not for the same reason many people like rocks.  I'm not one of these "Woo Woo New Age" rock people; it's totally not my style.  I have a small, select group of stones and metals that I work with for magical purposes.  Mostly, though, I collect them just because they … Continue reading Some Things I’ve Learned About Hestia(Part 4: Gems and Stones)