All – Purpose Protection Spell

Is it no surprise that I include teas in my spellwork?  This is an easy tisane concoction with materials that are easily obtained. Mix a 1/2 teaspoon each of dried sage and fenugreek (fennel if you can't find fenugreek) with a pinch of allspice.  Place in a tea infuser.  Place infuser in mug and over … Continue reading All – Purpose Protection Spell


Spell – Finding Out Your Dream Lover

This is  one of my favorite "love spells".  Since the women of my family worked at the request of people in our little village, love spells were definitely a common request.  As you all know, trying to bend someone's will is frowned upon (because, really...who wants someone to love them against their will), we frequently … Continue reading Spell – Finding Out Your Dream Lover

Spelling Saturday — Household Peace

You'll notice that much of the Craftwork I do is centered around harmony, home and family (that's pretty much what HearthKeepers are known for).  It was actually one of the primary functions I was requested to do when people came to procure services from me:  Harmony, Health, Love, and Wealth. You've already been gifted my Love Honey … Continue reading Spelling Saturday — Household Peace