Creating A Stress-Free Home

...Or maybe it should say:  "Less Stressful Home." We all have stress in our lives, but sometimes it's the little things that eliminate - or at least scale down -- that stress.  I came across a lovely article on Daily Om a few months back that really resonated with me. For the past several months … Continue reading Creating A Stress-Free Home


Baby’s First Birthday Blessing

There is nothing I love more than celebrating the birthdays of babies.  This particular ceremony is actually a blend of the two cultures my daughter celebrates.  She is half-Korean, and, traditionally, babies are given a huge party (and their name) on their 100th day. While my daughter was named at birth, we did invite her … Continue reading Baby’s First Birthday Blessing

Compassion and Humanity In The Pagan Community

I am always amazed at how the Pagan Community pulls together during times of crisis or to benefit the community around them. At every Pagan Pride Event I’ve attended, there has always been a food collection for local food pantries. I’ve seen groups band together to render aid to natural disaster victims. But what of … Continue reading Compassion and Humanity In The Pagan Community

Things I’ve Learned From Hestia (Part 7: Sacred Herbs)

Working with Hestia's Herbs is probably the highlight of my every day life.  Regardless of the meals I cook, each and every one o them includes at least one of Hestia's Sacred Herbs.  If you follow this blog, you'll find I am forever posting recipes that honor my Goddess.  Don't be afraid!  Step out of your … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned From Hestia (Part 7: Sacred Herbs)