Your Mantra For The Week

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Another Way To Bind A Spell

This is one of my favorite ways to bind/set a spell when not working directly with Hestia: I call Earth to bind my spell Air to spread its travel well Bright as fire shall it glow Deep as tide of water flow Count the elements fourfold In the fifth the spell shall hold Follow Hestia … Continue reading Another Way To Bind A Spell

Nightly Ritual Protection While You Sleep

I need to get back to my nightly rituals. Much thanks to Witch and Walnut for the spark!

The Witch & Walnut

www.thewitchandwalnut.wordpress.comWe all understand the importance of a good nights sleep and what happens to our state of mind when that doesn’t happen. Sleep is one of the times that we are most susceptible to influences from outsiders looking to manifest pretty much whatever they want.

Its possible that you can be having these influences directed towards you throughout the day, but the manifestation happens when you let your guard down, when you are asleep. We want to avoid as best as we can any type of attack during sleep, which can manifest throughout the night as nightmares, restlessness, seeing things that are not there, energy draining, feelings of dread and fear. Then continue to further manifest throughout your day…

Creating habits for your night rituals can help keep the unwanted attacks on the side lines. I’m not talking about heavy duty rituals that require extensive time, this is just basic…

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