Wrapunzel’s Regal Wrap

One of the first wraps I ever learned was a basic, fold over, or, in Wrapunzel's case, "Regal Wrap".  It's simple and elegant in so many situations. The picture to the left is my quick put-together of a Regal Wrap using one of my heavier pashmina scarves. For this easy wrap you will need: A Shaper/Volumizer … Continue reading Wrapunzel’s Regal Wrap


Memory Enhancing Spell

My daughter has always been a complete stress monster when it comes to testing.  We're talking panic-filled, mind-blank, flapping type of panic.  She could know all the answers completely, but still collapse when she goes in because her memory suddenly fails her. During her senior year of high school, my daughter was required to take … Continue reading Memory Enhancing Spell