Wrapunzel’s Regal Wrap

One of the first wraps I ever learned was a basic, fold over, or, in Wrapunzel's case, "Regal Wrap".  It's simple and elegant in so many situations. The picture to the left is my quick put-together of a Regal Wrap using one of my heavier pashmina scarves. For this easy wrap you will need: A Shaper/Volumizer … Continue reading Wrapunzel’s Regal Wrap


Give More. Serve More. Love More.

As our world gets more harsh, less tolerant, more dark, I feel we need to shine our light of humanity and compassion more than ever. Last weekend I was honored with giving a mini-workshop on Hospitality, Humanity and Compassion within the Pagan Community.  Of course, given our world climate, I extended far beyond our little … Continue reading Give More. Serve More. Love More.