Prayers to Hestia

Bright-veiled Hestia, heart of the happy home, goddess who binds together a family, who strengthens a city, the household is your temple, the hearthfire your altar and your namesake. Hestia, I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings. Hestia, wise one who oversees the family feast, who guides the making and the … Continue reading Prayers to Hestia


Prayer to Hestia

I call to Hestia, gentle one, heart of the home, honored daughter of mighty Kronos and fair Rhea; as first and last born of those ancient Titans you take of all first and final offerings. Peace-loving goddess, tender of Olympos' flame, in tranquil pursuits you take pleasure. Hestia, in the arts of the home we … Continue reading Prayer to Hestia

Things I’ve Learned From Hestia (Part 7: Sacred Herbs)

Working with Hestia's Herbs is probably the highlight of my every day life.  Regardless of the meals I cook, each and every one o them includes at least one of Hestia's Sacred Herbs.  If you follow this blog, you'll find I am forever posting recipes that honor my Goddess.  Don't be afraid!  Step out of your … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned From Hestia (Part 7: Sacred Herbs)

Things I’ve Learned About Hestia (Part 5: Plants)

Over the decades I've found that there are certain plants Hestia favors over others.  Hollyhock.  Poppies.  Goldenrod.  Lavender.  Purple Coneflower.  Yarrow. Several of these flowers are beautiful in arrangements on your altar, and, if you have the space and opportunity (and appropriate growing zone), I love to grow these outside and bring them in as … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Hestia (Part 5: Plants)