Hestia and Hermes…Going Down The Rabbit Hole!

meteroa greece

A lot has been on my mind lately.  The weather here in Central Texas has definitely taken a turn for the worse and last night the winds roared, and hail-sized pellets of sleet battered my windows.  My vehicle I still equipped with hats, scarves and gloves for the homeless.  I haven’t seen many this year – so I don’t know whether that’s a blessing or the authorities have made sure they’re run off to other areas and “out of sight; out of mind”).

Interestingly enough, this all coincides with a discussion on a Hellenic Pagan group I belong to on Facebook.  Someone had written a fabulous post regarding assisting the homeless/travellers and a possible link to Hermes.  Hermes has been known to disguise himself as a traveler or someone in need in order to test the Hospitality of us “mere mortals”.

Naturally this led me down the rabbit hole of research and investigation for a possible link between Hermes and Hestia…especially when it comes to hospitality.  I was not at all disappointed!  As Jean Robert states, “Hestia and Hermes are the epichthonian Gods, the Gods of the dwelled soil. They are everywhere where people make fire, trace limits, build walls and a roof over their heads. Together, they are the gods of orientation and of the tracing of limits. “

On the surface, both Gods seem to be polar opposites:

Hestia is the eldest of the Olympians.  Hermes is the youngest.

Hestia grounds.  Hermes is always in motion, going from place to place.

Hestia embodies the home and family.  In Ancient Greece she ends there the door begins.  Conversely, Hermes world begins at the doorway and encompasses the world beyond.  The world of travelers.

Interestingly enough, the research I embarked upon has made me think quite critically in regard to my relationship with Hestia.  I’m finding that I want to look more into Hermes, as well as the relationship with Hestia. There is such a definite connection.  My brain is already buzzing with so many options, and ideas, and knowledge…. and right now I can’t put all the things I want to share into any sort of comprehension.

I’m going to leave you, scholars, with links to do some further research on your own.  So much incredible growth is on the horizon!

Hestia and Hermes: the Greek imagination of motion and place


The Goddess Hestia: An Archetype of Personal and Social Ecology

I’m sure there will be more as I dig through these things.  Catch me on my Facebook page for more as I find it!

Blessings From The Hearth.






One thought on “Hestia and Hermes…Going Down The Rabbit Hole!

  1. Might I suggest a third “H” between the home and the road? While Hermes is Himself associated with boundaries and liminality, a yet older-still Singular Multitude owns the betweens and She keeps watch over all sides and those who would pass through.


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