Central Texas Magickal Plants — Indian Paintbrush

Ever since my family came to the conclusion that moving back to the Pacific Northwest wasn’t going to happen for us, I’ve been in quite the conundrum about how my magickal workings would happen down here.  I’ve always been the type to wildcraft my plants — or grow them — but many of my foragings didn’t even grow here in Texas.  These past few months I’ve been delving into some research when I have had the time, and have come across several interesting items.

While you know my time is typically short, I will be adding plants as I have opportunity.  Also (and this is the part that I’m all excited about), we are in the midst of planning a portion of our back storage area at the store and turning it into a pagan supply (mostly herbs and such).  I’m hoping to wildcraft a few Texas native plants to add to the offerings.

But let’s get on with our first plant.

Indian Paintbrush

indian paintbrush

All along the roadsides in Central Texas you can see these beautiful flowers, and they provide such a dash of red amongst all the bluebonnets in the spring.  But…. did you know that the blossoms of this plant carry some serious love magick?  Me neither.  Who knew!?  Pop a few into love sachets to carry with you in order to help attract love.

Get ready for spring!

Blessings From The Hearth


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