End of 2018


I’m not going to lie.  2018 was a roller coaster of a year — not just for me…but for many people I know.  It began with great promise:  plans to leave Texas and move back to my beloved WA State.  That was my only plan…and one I had been betting on for the past several years.

Then April came along and, with it, the reality that the cost of living had tripled in WA over the past 4 years.  Hard decisions were made…and I suppose it’s better to be in TX and slightly bitter than to live in abject poverty in WA (which wasn’t an exaggeration).

So we shifted gears quickly — and it didn’t help that I lost my job by the end of April for made-up reasons on my boss’ end (that’s okay…. his business has tanked in my absence).  An opportunity unexpectedly fell into my lap…and by the end of May I was signing a lease to open up my very own store front.

Sadly, my posts here on Hestia’s Servant became spread thin as we spent the summer working our fingers to the bone.  But it’s been worth it.

photo-1507402344207-d3e7e3eab9c4In September 2018 Serendipity opened, and we’ve been running crazy ever since.  We weren’t sure how well a tea store would do well in Central Texas, but people are excited and relieved that they finally have a place to purchase loose leaf tea.

My goal for 2019 is to get Hestia’s Servant back to full speed again because I’ve neglected you all terribly.

You’ve been busy readers this year!  I’ve had several popular blog posts that you can’t seem to get enough of.  What are you intersted in?  Everything from Hair Covering to Enchanted Rock, Texas.  owever, here are the top 5 posts from t his past year:

To Cover … or Not?  Believe it or not, this was actually posted back in 2017, but there is an apparent surge in women wish to learn more about hair covering in the pagan community.

Finding Your Patron Deity    I found this particularly interesting, as so many people who follow this path are still seeking….and aren’t quite sure where to turn.  And…sometimes….what you think you want …. isn’t exactly what you need.

Enchanted Rock:  Fredericksburg, Texas  To  be honest, Enchanted Rock is supposedly super charged with energy.  I’m just not seeing it…and I’ve been too busy to go back.  As a northern pagan (from both coasts), I do find the energy strange, and, as someone else who is a Northeastern transplants has said to me, there is a glamour over the region and it’s underbelly is….weird.

Basic Herbs Every Witch Should Grow  Wow!  Who would have though a post from the first year of my blog would still be so darn popular?  Hundreds of hits on this…which only tells me the pagan community is getting larger by the year.

Deepening Communication Ritual  Yes, relationships are always on the minds of many, and this seemed to do the trick for many people.

So, I’m going to be honest (which you always know I am).  I am rather disappointed that more “basic” “witchy” items were the things most read.  I will reach out to you again:  you need to be cognizant of humanity and service.  We, as a community, who are looked at with a side-eye by so many other “religious” groups, need to step up to the plate.  Be the one with the hats and gloves and scarves in your vehicle for the homeless;  be the pexels-photo-266436.jpegone who carries a cooler of bottled water in the summer;  be the one who steps up and sees the homeless and poor while others turn a blind eye and a “not my problem;” be the one who remembers the forgotten (and that includes those in nursing homes).

In 2019, Be the change you wish to see in the world…even when you’re feeling angry and bitter and defeated.





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