More Tea! Updates Galore!

Things That Confuse Me

Everything about WordPress’s new editor confuses the heck out of me!  Now It’s taking me 10x longer to write posts.  Plus, some of their administrative decisions aren’t making me the most happy of bloggers.  I think I’m going to have to seek a different platform, which makes me sad because I’ve been with WordPress a super long time.  Suggestions are welcome!

More Tea!

The lovely thing is that my little tea shop has been doing splendidly, and I’ve been positively swamped since we took the keys to the storefront on 1 August.  Who knew that there were so many Texans who adored fine tea?  I do the dance of joy every single day of the week.

However, being her so often and getting things up and running the way it needs to be takes time from my other t hings.  Like being here on a far more regular basis.  Hopefully I will be able to change that soon, as I have several things I really want to put here.

Hestia and Other Pagan Pretties

I’ve been giving a workshop series at the shop every other Monday in regard to Hestia and my Pagan Path. It’s a fabulous group of eight, and I actually look forward to those meetings…even after working 7 days a week at the store due to the holidays.

The meetings have been quite inspiring to me — even to the point that I’ve decided to begin a small line of tisanes aimed at specific Gods and Goddesses.  So, tisanes with a purpose.

I’ve continued to be out and about in the pagan community.  Mostly, I honestly enjoy it.  Other times — when the “G-word Magick” idiots surface, I just seriously feel the need to reach out and touch someone.  Violently.  For those of you who haven’t been with me a while, G-word = Gypsy. For most in the Romani Community, that equates to a racial slur.  No, we don’t want to hear about your supposed lineage.  If you weren’t directly raised in the culture…. Stop it.  Just. Stop.  

Giving Back

Opening the store has always been a humongous dent in my community service efforts.  As you know, I crochet hats and scarves year round and distribute to the homeless as I find need.  Going into winter this year I had only 6 hats finished when the number is typically near 30.  Knowing that cold weather was coming rapidly, I put out a shout out to my town and people on my various pages for hats, scarves, gloves/mittens and socks.  Response from my town?  ZERO.  Pagan community?  Score!  I’ve had beautiful handmade scarves and ear covers brought in by a knitter in Waco and also as far south as Austin (so, in other words, from over an hour away both north and south).

I need a nap.

Blessings from the Hearth, lovelies.


4 thoughts on “More Tea! Updates Galore!

  1. Looks like WordPress is just ticking everyone off. I tried the new editor for exactly half a post before switching back to the old one. Then I got the email that they’re nixing free URLs with paid plans AND jacking up the rate for URLs and I’m basically done. If you’re looking for a good free blog service, I’m jumping ship to BlogSpot/Blogger for blogs I had planned on starting in the new year, and if I don’t go self-hosted, I may move my main blog there when my plan expires in May. WordPress can’t be beaten as far as features go, but I will sacrifice all the bells and whistles for quality service any day.

    I’m so happy to hear your tea shop is going well! If I ever find myself in Texas, I’ll have to stop in!

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  2. Blogger and Blogspot are the same service. Blogger is the publishing platform that can be used with your domain if you own one through another webhost like Siteground or Bluehost. Blogspot is a domain host where you can get a free blog with a .blogspot .com URL. Blogspot uses the Blogger interface, so if you didn’t like Blogger you probably won’t want to blog through Blogspot. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of alternatives to Blogger and WordPress. =/

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