Witch (Spell) Bottles


Spell Bottles (also known as witch bottles) are one of my favorite magickal things. For me, I think of it as an arts and crafts activity with a bit of a punch.

Spell bottles are a product primarily of the England, but they migrated to North America with the immigration of persons to the New England and the Appalachia regions. Originally their use was twofold: they could either torment the witch who was plaguing a person….or they could be used in a protective nature.

Despite the name, witch bottles were commonly used against witches who reportedly tormented locals. Bottles would be filled with rusted pins, needles, nails, and the like. If you were lucky and could pinpoint the witch, tossing in personal items that belonged to the person (hair, fingernail clippings and the like), top it off with a bit of your own pee…and you’re good to go! You get bonus points for boiling the bottle, as this would inflict even greater harm. This item was then buried in a secret place.

In additions to using them against specific witches, witch (or spell) bottles were often used in a protective nature. Using the same methodology, witch bottles were buried under porches, beside front doors, under fireplace hearths….and in the walls of a house! I have buried one (or more!) at every house I’ve lived in during my adult years. These bottles would then keep negativity from my home.

For my witch bottles I typically choose a medium sized bottle (I have a preference for corked bottles, but half pint canning jars work wonderfully since corked jars can be a hassle getting items into them). I produced them in a sacred space and they are produced in a ritual manner for protection against negative energies. Frequently I’ll add pins, nails, and other rusted items. I always add a bit of urine and then ritually bury my jars by the front door. If the neck of my bottle is wide enough (or I’m using half pint jars), I will add a bit of clear quartz or black tourmaline.

Comparably, you can use Witch Bottles as spell bottles, as a vessel, to hold magickal items being bundled for a spell. The ones I make are individual person I am crafting for: courage, confidence, strength, open the heart to love, etc. These particular bottles may be hidden away in a closet, or set on a shelf to be viewed as a reminder.

Check out some of the links below for more information.

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Witch Bottle Recipes  (as you know, I’m not a huge fan of canned recipes/spells….so use this as a jumping off point for your own magick)



One thought on “Witch (Spell) Bottles

  1. I’m also a big fan of witch bottles, though I tend to treat them in the same manner as mojo bags. I fill them with the herbs, gem chips, and anything else required for my intention, then like you said either bury them or hide them away. I also use very small bottles, seal them with wax and either wear them like pendants or carry them in my bag.

    I’ve never put urine in a spell bottle before. That’s interesting.

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