Day 19 of Mindfulness: Be Grounded

Every day mindfulness practice is difficult, and I’ll certainly raise my hand and tell you that it has been incredibly difficult since the end of April. My hands were more than full, and my life was pulling at me in 40 different directions.

It still hasn’t stopped.

I realized the other day, when I went to open the store, that was energy was depleted….which meant, of course, that the positive, welcoming energy I had infused there was stagnant. As I began to comb over what was going astray in my life, I realized that I had virtually stopped doing self-care for myself. My meditation practice had lapsed and I definitely began identifying the sign of functional depression.

Not cool.

So this morning I vowed a changed. Meditation practice would begin again twice daily. I would perform my short yoga stretching practice morning and evening. I would return to my sacred, ritual, and mindful bathing.

I feel better already.

Your take away for today: Be ever mindful — and kindful– to yourself on a daily basis. Be mindful of your actions and reactions. Be mindful of the fact that you are most likely stretching yourself too thin. And be mindful enough to say “No.”

Blessings from the Hearth.


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