Blogs I Follow (Recommendations!)

I love to read, and do it frequently, so if I’m online…the chances are I’m researching, or reading blogs.  There are about 30 that I currently follow, but there are a few that I look forward to checking out whenever there’s something new.

Here’s a small handful of my current faves (in no particular order):

The Witch and Walnut I love this site about “Old World” witchery and folk magick.  Down to earth and insightful, I always look forward to new posts.

A Modern Traditional Witch I can’t say enough great things about Laura Tempest Zakroff’s writings on modern traditional witchcraft…plus her first two books are positively engaging and fantastic reads.

Raise The Horns I’m kind of a Jason Mankey fan, and I love his blog.  Thoughtful commentary, with great thinking points!

Spiritual Seeker  Mark Hennick has a small readership, and that’s kind of sad because I actually love to read his words.  As a gay man, in the South (and a witch to boot), he really gives some deep thought to spiritual practice.  I definitely encourage you to check him out.

ShutterBugDiary I just love the stunning photography.  Please, go check it out!

MakeItUltra  I like this for its Psychology Education, and it makes me think.  Plus, Dr. Perry really works towards positivity….and we all know that’s very much needed in today’s world.

Plus you already know I follow The Cupcake Witch and Heathen Embers.


11 thoughts on “Blogs I Follow (Recommendations!)

  1. Thank you for the mention! I really appreciate it! ❤ Just a heads-up: I changed the main URL of the blog to when I changed the name. The old TCW link still leads to the blog for now, but will eventually be removed so you might want to update your bookmark. ❤

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