Give More. Serve More. Love More.


As our world gets more harsh, less tolerant, more dark, I feel we need to shine our light of humanity and compassion more than ever.

Last weekend I was honored with giving a mini-workshop on Hospitality, Humanity and Compassion within the Pagan Community.  Of course, given our world climate, I extended far beyond our little boundaries of magickal living.  I encouraged my group to extend themselves into the community and make a difference.

So let me tell you about what happened yesterday, which has me wrapped up in both disappointment and warmth.

Every few months, several dancers in our area visit a local Veteran’s Home to entertain the residents.  My daughter has been participating for about three years and she always rearranges her calendar to make sure she dances for “her guys”.  She arrives early.  Socializes.  Dances.  Socializes afterwards.  There are, perhaps 2 others in this group of 9 who do this.  The rest simply20180707_153137822188037.jpg dance and leave.

Needless to say, my daughter has her own personal fan club.  Yes, they even made her signs.

It breaks my heart, though, to see these men (well, mostly men; there are some lovely ladies) wishing for some human contact.  The staff at the Home is fabulous, but there is nothing like the joyousness of caring to make “warehoused people” (my daughter’s view of most nursing facilities) feel alive again.

20180707_1531581466649096.jpgThis fall my daughter begins college and she has decided (thus far) to major in social work with a focus on geriatric populations.  These residents inspire her and she is quite fond of them, and they are excited that she will be only a half mile away from them.  She has promised to come at least once a week to visit with them (and they told her she can only do so if she’s finished her studying and homework).  They give her life advice; she sasses them about behaving.  They come to life whenever she pops in unexpectedly and she is the one they clap and cheer for the loudest when she takes the dance floor for them.

What are you doing to bring life, love and joy to others?

Blessings from the Hearth


2 thoughts on “Give More. Serve More. Love More.

  1. Great post. I try to live my life in a way that only promotes positivity. Some days are more difficult than others but I always have tomorrow to try again.✨

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  2. I try as well. But, being human, there are days when I just want to scream: “What’s wrong with you people?” (typically is a really heavy New England accent that sounds like “what da hell is rawng witchu people?”) Being positive in actions means you may have been the one right thing that has happened in someone’s day. Go forth and do good things for others!

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