How To Reverse A Spell When Everything Goes Wrong

I am always quite cautious when I do spellwork.  I rarely do it for myself (though I really should be a little more selfish in that way).  But what do you do when things go wrong and you wish to reverse your spell?  Here’s some good advice on how to do it (but…the smartest thing is to really contemplate why you’re doing the original work in the first place and never EVER do spellwork in a fit of emotion).

Have you ever cast a spell, felt like a total badass, waited with bated breath for the results and then… wished you could immediately take it all back?I’ve definitely been there. You cast a spell, think you have all of the details ironed out and then suddenly things are all wrong. Spell regret is real…

via How To Reverse Spells When Everything Goes Wrong — The Traveling Witch


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