Deepening Communication Ritual


Many times those of the pagan and witching persuasion think they need spells to solve every problem under the sun.  I honestly advise the practical approach first and using magick as a final effort.  However, sometimes things can be solved with simple, conscientious actions.

Communication — or lack thereof —  tends to be a primary roadblock in relationships.  This results in intensified frustration and conflict.  Use the following ritual to help get you back on track.

Decorate your sacred space with pillows, ribbons, rose petals and other sensual items.  Separately, take ritual baths and/or meditate (I’m a huge fan of ritual bathing).  Make yourselves comfortable in the space and lace both pink and white candles between you.  Turn out the lights and gaze into each others’ eyes over the candles.  After a few minutes, begin to talk  about what you value in each other, and what conflicts need resolution.  When finished, snuff out the candle and save it for the next time.

Blessings from the Hearth.


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6 thoughts on “Deepening Communication Ritual

  1. I agree that not everything needs a spell. I’ve almost completely stopped doing spell work because 98% of the issues I need to resolve can be resolved by making practical efforts.

    This is such a lovely and straightforward ritual.

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