Time To Get My Art On!


Have I told you I’m an aspiring artist? I’ve been taking classes for about a year now. Sometimes I have to skip because of work, but I love the creative outlet it gives me. I actually began when I was between dance studios and couldn’t settle on instructors.

My favorite things to paint are still life and landscape features. Ever since I’ve returned from WA I’ve been obsessive about Mount Rainier again. I currently have a work in process. When it’s finished, I’ll show it to you all.

What creative pursuits do you have? Besides my painting and dance, I also like to write (but this has been the extent of my body if work)…and, of course, cooking and baking. And I can’t forget about my cross stitch and crochet.

Blessings from the Hearth.


3 thoughts on “Time To Get My Art On!

  1. Crochet? Me too!! One of the mothers of my daughters friends, and gave her an entire humongous been of yarn odds-and-ends a year ago. We have been using those to make hats and scarves for the homeless because they are so prolific in our area. This year I have done 40. And I’m still working and I will work all summer to

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