Enchanted Rock: Fredericksburg, TX


Those itty bitty black specks near the top of the done are actually people.

As I briefly mentioned in another comment somewhere, I decided on Monday to trek up to Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg, TX.  The insanity of last week with the job situation really pushed me to want to throw in the towel.  Instead, I gathered up my husband (and left the teen to hibernate with the dogs) and headed out.

By many accounts, Enchanted Rock is a mystical energy location.  I read about ancient energy and vortices and ascension portals.  I was totally pumped for this.  In the past I have been blessed with visiting several places like this, and it typically is the charge I need to get me back on track.

So excited!

We arrived, checked in, and did the dance of joy because there were very few people in the park that day.  My husband took his photography gear and headed out down another trail….and I was able to check out the awesome 450 foot rise up to the top of this massive granite structure.


Plants! Succulents! Cacti!

The amazing thing was that I was left alone to completely commune with the energies that were there.


The trek up wasn’t easy.  It’s granite mass, but had some good traction to it, so that made life a lot easier.  I stopped along its face, did some meditations, tried to feel the energies.  And you know what?  I’ve once again come to the conclusion that Texas isn’t for me.  The energies were….okay.  Nothing like Mount Rainier (are you totally sick of me going on about that place?).  Nothing like Sedona (which Enchanted Rock is supposed to be linked with).

But it’s all good!  I thought if I hit the top of the dome things would be different.

So, I got to the top (5,000 steps on my Fitbit!), picked out a great spot, and sat.  Pulled out my usual stones that I carry around with me, and just hung out for a while.  It was stark, and peaceful, and a wee bit cold, but I had dressed for it, so I was all set.


My rocks of choice this week:  Anthracite, Tumbled Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Chrysoprase,  Clear Crystal Point, Raw Black Tourmaline



But what I really wanted to do was commune with the land guardians that are there.  This is one of the areas I have always excelled in, and I enjoy.  It grounds and energizes me.

Is there a hum of energy?  Yes.  Is it as strong and prolific as people say?  Well…to be completely honest….not for me; and I was hoping it would.  Maybe it’s a more “New Age” following.  Maybe my being is just too darn in tune with energies and land spirits of northern locations.  Maybe my brain is too busy trying to find that next big step for employment and moving.  Maybe the thousands upon thousands of visitors who arrive every weekend has deadened its energy for me.  Who knows.  It’s a mystery.

Nonetheless, I do want to return and investigate again.  I only went up the summit trail and would like to traverse the other 6 or 7 trails in the area.  My husband, being ever respectful, drops me off in one location with a 5-mile walkie talkie in case I ever need him, and lets me go off and do my will.  He knows I’ll catch up with him eventually.


View from the summit

I’m still searching for a little bit more peace in Central Texas.  I’ve honestly tried for the past 3 1/2 years.  It’s just hasn’t happened.



Blessings from the Hearth.


3 thoughts on “Enchanted Rock: Fredericksburg, TX

  1. Well, even if the energies weren’t all you expected them to be, at least you got to go out and get some exercise. I’ve found that just walking around in nature, even if it’s not a particularly energetic or spiritual place for me, still helps calm me down when I’m stressed and motivates me to get on with things I might be putting off. Hopefully it still helped you feel a little better, even if it wasn’t quite what you’d expected/hoped for.

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  2. Precisely. I do need to get myself out into nature more, especially with this whole job thing going on and also I have been running my dog back and forth to the State Veterinary College so he can be diagnosed with whatever he has. A two hour drive there in a 2 hour drive back, leaves for lots of good thinking and introspection time. LOL

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