Times Of Uncomfortable Change


Change. Unless it’s a change you make yourself…..it’s typically unpleasant. Well….actually…it sucks. I’m not going to lie.

February has been a rough one for me thus far.  I know.  It just started.  I typically schedule posts here as I write or create them, so what you see is most likely a week or two old by the time it posts. This one….in the moment!

So a while back, I wrote a prayer for Hestia in regard to my workplace. I’m moving at the end of July and my wonderful boss hired someone to start replacing me. Seriously…I wasn’t moving for about 9 months. That employee lasted a week. Two weeks ago he apparently hired someone else…..and no one said a single thing to me. I received a random email which stated, “X is coming to train with you on Wednesday.” My response was….”Who’s X?” Long story short….my February work schedule has been cut to 6 days for the entire month.

Six days. And this gal has bills to pay.

I’ve done a lot over 2+ years to build this guy’s little store/business to make it professional and drive sales. I’ve had to do ad layout and creation, monthly newsletters, field phone calls, cover his butt, and much, much more……because he isn’t even around to run his own business. This is the thanks I get.

On Friday I began looking for another job. I have some leads, and I haven’t yet resigned (I will be giving notice on Friday when I have one of my 6 days of work), but I’m now in the midst of extremely uncomfortable change.

So let’s look at this process of uncomfortable change and how I’m approaching it.

Firstly, of course, I was mad….then freaked out. I do have bills to pay, and a wee dog who is going Tuesday to the Texas A&M small animal clinic because none of our vets can figure out what’s wrong with him. Luckily I’ve been able to put aside some money for that, but I’m screwed when it’s gone.

In 48 hours I went from mad to stressed to even more mad. Then I buckled down. A friend of mine that I dearly love is going through some rough times herself with her marriage, so she, too, is in the middle of uncomfortable change.  We began planning, and within 12 hours I had a course of action for myself…..plus I am looking again at the business plan I had been developing over the past year. Seriously, if I was staying in Texas I’d be opening a business by fall of 2018. But…I’m not staying, so it’s a moot point.

No sense in dwelling on the negative. My resume is updated (along with adding a slew of awesome things I can now list in my skills area) and I do have a portfolio of all the ad work and release writings I’ve produced over the past few years. I’ll even be a cashier in a grocery store if I have to.

What to do in times of uncomfortable change:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Acknowledge the uncomfortable shock of having a rug pulled out from under you.
  3. Breathe some more.
  4. It’s okay to say some seriously bad curse words.
  5. Breathe.
  6. Calmly make a plan
  7. Prepare.
  8. Execute.

Currently I’m on Step 7.

Blessings from the Hearth.


4 thoughts on “Times Of Uncomfortable Change

  1. Wow, you just never know what’s coming next, do you? I like your 8 step plan, it allows space for important things other than just plowing onwards, which is what I tend to do (and then process it all inappropriately later!) Good luck to you!


  2. Thanks. I’ve always found it most useful to have a clear head. Now, that doesn’t always mean it happens, but…..I try. Thus far, it’s working well for me. However, today is a day for some self-care. I’m heading to a place today called Enchanted Rock. It’s about 2 hours away, and I have yet to be there, but it is purported to be a strong, sacred energy space. I’ll be posting on that soon, I’m sure! ❤

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  3. Sorry to hear that your boss is being so inconsiderate. That’s ridiculous! So much can happen between now and July; who knows, you might have had an epiphany and decided to stay in Texas! Then he would have been able to keep the employee that already knows what she’s doing and has done so much.

    You’ll find something for the interim, I’m sure. You’re intelligent and resourceful. And this is just more proof that leaving Texas is absolutely the right choice for you!

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