Spell – Finding Out Your Dream Lover

This is  one of my favorite “love spells”.  Since the women of my family worked at the request of people in our little village, love spells were definitely a common request.  As you all know, trying to bend someone’s will is frowned upon (because, really…who wants someone to love them against their will), we frequently relied on folk divination and spellwork (what we do best!).

For this magick work you will need:

bay leaf (fresh if you can find one)

A pinch of mugwort

Small pink drawstring bag

Dream journal


Prepare your ritual space as you normally would.  Consecrate your items.  Place the bay leaf and mugwort into your drawstring bag and tie it three times.  Place it under your pillow.  As you relax into sleep, tell yourself that you will dream of your future lover and divine specifics about his or her appearance.

When you wake up in the morning, immediately write down as many details as you can remember.  Place your dream journal with your list under your pillow for the next night.

Keep adding to it until your lover appears.


6 thoughts on “Spell – Finding Out Your Dream Lover

  1. This is a really good love spell. I generally avoid love spells like the plague because so many of them are focused on making a specific person fall in love with you and, like you said, who wants someone to love them against their will? Last time I checked, that’s called coercion and it’s not good (and it’s illegal).

    Anything that isn’t focused on a specific person is pretty much peaches and cream in my book. Personally, I like the surprise of finding out who I connect with (I’m also still young enough that I’m not quite so worried about finding a lover in general), but for someone getting impatient this would be a wonder!


  2. I usually stay away from love spells also, but this seems more like a speeding things up spell than a making someone feel something they wouldn’t.

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  3. This is a wonderful love spell, because it doesn’t force the other person to fall in love. Magic is best performed when it works in harmony with nature and this is exactly what your spell does. It calls your true love, your soul mate, the person that is meant for someone into one’s life!

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