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early spring

Happy 2018!  This year will be better than the last!

I’m gearing up for Early Spring and starting to make my plans for a  3-day celebration.  We’ll be doing a thorough cleaning, cleansing and blessing of the house; making our jar candles for the coming year; and, as I always do:  cook up a storm!  In the next couple weeks I’ll be posting my Early Spring ritual and the types of things I do during this time period as I approach 2 February.

Hmmmmmm. It didn’t occur to me until just now that our Early Spring occurs on Groundhog Day. I’m going to have to dig into that little more. I really hadn’t made the correlation.


This reclusive HearthKeeper has kinda like dipping her toes back in the Pagan Pool and I’d like to give back a bit.  Are you ready for some fun?

I’d like to show some Hospitality, but I’d also like to build my follower base a bit, because I am pretty passionate about what I do (including being a HearthKeeper, my ritual life, and, of course…!).  For me, Early Spring is the promise of new beginnings.  Apart from Last Harvest and Longest Night, Early Spring is my most favorite holyday observance.

I honestly would like to share some of it with you.  If you are one of my followers, comment below and on all my posts until 15 January so I know you’re still alive, kicking, and interested in the information I have to offer here.  Share this on Facebook, your own blog …All The Things!

Here’s the deal:  On 16 January I’m going to choose one of my followers (let’s make it competitive…..who do I see the most activity from?) and I’ll post it on that day (so you’ll have to keep watching!) and we’ll figure things out from there and I’ll mail the following:

1 sage bundle (from my garden, already dried)

1 packet of my house blessing incense)

4 of my favorite crystals

A pretty copy of my HearthKeeper House Blessing (don’t ask me how I’ll accomplish this yet; I’m not that organized)

Hooray! Let’s do this!  Share!  Post!  Interact!

Blessings from the Hearth.


13 thoughts on “Super Subscriber Giveaway!

  1. Reblogged this on The Cupcake Witch and commented:
    The wonderful Hesita’s Servant is hosting a giveaway for her followers through January 15th. She’s a kind, compassionate Hearthkeeper and runs a lovely witch/Pagan themed blog. Check her out, give her a follow… if you comment frequently enough you might win some awesome goodies, too!


  2. But these crystals are handpicked, tumbled and polished by me …. which may be why I need to find new homes. We have All The Crystals here…..many many…like 40 pounds worth of rough currently in so many types (you’ll have to tell me which ones you don’t have lol)

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  3. Wow! Forty pounds of rough? That’s… a lot of rough. I think I have about fifteen or twenty-ish. Big chunks that I need to break down into a smaller pieces, but some of them look so pretty I don’t want to (but don’t know what I can do with a four pound slab of rock).

    I suppose if I win I could take a few stones off your hands. As a gesture of goodwill, of course, and not at all because I am a compulsive collector of crystals. 😉


  4. I will definitely be giving you a mention, and following your posts as always. The rewards are a lovely idea, but I won’t enter that part of the giveaway as I don’t think the sage and incense would make it through our border security. NZ is very, very tight on biosecurity. Drugs and bombs may get through, but if you try and sneak a banana or some sage into this country, watch out! Great to see you enthusiastic and active on your blog again, I really enjoy reading it 🙂

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  5. Over the next few months I’ll be posting items to help people to ground and center and feel more in control (even when you feel is like a herd o’ cats). My true purpose has been a long time coming…and it made itself definitively known just a few months back. So… it’s been a learning curve to put things down in words for everyone else…and not just in my personal life. You can do this!

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