House Blessing Incense

I grow all my own herb to use in my ritual and incense work. Once dried, I grind them to a powder with my kitchen mortar and pestle and store. When needed, I burn it on coals in a fireproof container (I have a small cauldron for the task. I’ve heard of a few people having a tough time finding charcoal tabs to burn incense on. Recommendation: any smoke shop that sells hookah supplies will have them. Also, if you live near an Earthbound Trading Company store, they always have them too (and they’re $2.50/pack).

Please note, you don’t need to have a garden to grow your own herbs. Herbs love pots! Before I moved down to TX (from WA) my husband lovingly started my household herbs in pots so I would have them to use by the time I arrived (6 months later). They’re still doing beautifully over a year later.

I always keep a supply of this on hand (far more than I’d personally use), which is a good thing because I’ve had several people in the area ask if I’d come though and bless their homes or clear the negative energy from them.

2 parts sage

1 part lavender

1 part rosemary

½ part sweet basil

½ part rose petals (from our rose bush that was growing next to the house)

2 thoughts on “House Blessing Incense

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