Hestia…and why I decided to be here in the first place

In the past week I’ve had a huge surge in visits and it seems it’s primarily due to search engines.  I’m glad I had that kick in the but because it reminded me why I was here in the first place.  For the past 50 years (yes, I’m that old) Hestia has been a mainstay in my household.  She’s been the household goddess for my mother, her mother before her, and my great grandmother.  I can only assume She was also the focal point of the family hearth of the women before her, as my great grandmother used to speak of her own mother and grandmother.

So many websites simply regurgitate the same small handful of “non information” that has been put out there;  but there is nothing in regard to those who have held Hestia in high regard for generations in our modern age.  That’s why I decided to start this blog in the first place.  Unfortunately, life has a way of getting me sidetracked, but I am going to try to do better.  While there are many things in my family tradition I won’t divulge, I am more than free to share the manner in which we pay devotion to Hestia on a daily basis.

Please join me as I share information on Hestia every Tuesday on this blog. (yes, I know it’s Wednesday when I posted this)

Hail, Lady Hestia First and Last!


2 thoughts on “Hestia…and why I decided to be here in the first place

  1. Looking forward to it! I often seek other followers, to hear their experiences, because 1) there’s not much on Hestia, and 2) it’s just the same ole, same ole concerning historical information.

    Hestia’s not frozen in time, She has more stories, a person just has to find those who’re willing to share Her stories! My beloved Matron’s been in my life for 20+ years, and I’ve been sharing for a while. 🙂

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  2. It’ll be interesting for sure! I came back to the hearth 15-20 years ago to honor her as She should. Being young, stupid and career driven I lost my way for about 10 years. I still honored our holy days but my altar remained forgotten for the most part.

    But…more of that for this coming Tuesday! The prodigal daughter returned to the hearth!

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