Basic Herbs Every Good Witch Should Grow

Granted, there are dozens upon dozens of herbs a witch or pagan should have at their disposal.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always practical.  But, if you can, grow them!  Dry them!  Store them in little glass jars so you have them! Here is a short list of the herbs I work with frequently (in both the kitchen and in spellwork…which, sometimes, is the same thing!) and their magical correspondences.

Basil:  for money and success.  Soak in water for 3 days, then sprinkle about a place of business. Also used for purification and protection and to remove obstacles in love and create harmony.  Dispels melancholy and attracts friends.  I primarily use this for purification and protection, but since I also work part time in a retail store, I sprinkle basil water weekly to attract business.

Rosemary:  binds things (or people) together in a loving, gentle manner. Used in pillows for dreams and visions.  Also used for purification and protection, mental alertness and stronger memory.

Sage:  Used for purification, protection, and dealing with grief and loss. Carried to improve mental ability and bring wisdom. Used in healing sachets & incense. Promotes spiritual, mental, emotional & physical health and longevity. Removes negative energy.

Oregano:  Joy, strength, vitality, and added energy

Lavender:  cleanses, protects and shields from bad vibrations and negativity.  Used for uncrossing and love, it’s particularly effective in helping with marital problems or relationships.  Soothes problems between parents and children and is an excellent protecting herb for babies and children.

If you must purchase herbs, however, purchase organic items and bless them prior to use.

Simple Home Purification Incense:

2 parts dried rosemary

1 part dried sage

1 part dried lavender leaves/flowers

½ part dried basil

Grind herbs prior to use.  Burn on coals while you perform a house blessing or purification ritual.


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